Top Accessories to Make Your House a Home

1 – Let the eye wander

Your home accesories are supposed to tell a story. Like art they should be a talking point for guests and give your home some personality. Ornaments you've collected on your travels are great one off pieces, you can then mix in high-street and functional pieces. Mantel clocks are a great feature for a room, on a coffee table, side table or as the name would suggest a mantel piece! Newgate clocks offer vintage and stylish clocks whilst Thomas Kent are classic and timeless. The Newgate Library Clock in Grey is one of my favourites.

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2 – Threesome?

No, no, calm down, group things together– three's always work best. Don’t go crazy on the theme but have a few things that look good as a group or the same item in three sizes works too (best for hearts, stars etc.)This look literally works anywhere, cushions, pictures, ornaments. . If you have a cool, chic higgledy piggedly style then stay true to your style but the rule will still work! Shop these little stars here.

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3 – Size, Shape and Plants

Be varied – all that I have mentioned demands variety. To create a room that really works you need a variety of accessories in your room and then you need to balance them. I know I bleet on quite a lot about balance but trust me, to create a perfect, peaceful room you need to create contrast and then offset it.

As an example, one of my favourite pieces for the home is a faux flower arrangement. We can make these up for you as bespoke pieces, however the easiest and classiest option is a faux orchid (take a look here.) Totally life like and impossible to create for real! This piece looks great on a console table, however a common problem is that often artwork or mirrors are hung above a console making it hard to place an orchid. So my tip is to place asymetrically to one side of the console then balance out the other end with a cluster, eg photoframes. The large mirror creates a symmetry which is pleasing to the eye, which is then drawn down to the orchid and finally to your smaller cluster. (Image via Elle Maison on Pinterest)

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I mean, three orchids may be overkill but you get the idea! To summarise, pick some eye catching pieces, balance with smaller personal objects and have fun with creating clusters! If you need anymore advise drop me an email (via the website email) and I would be happy to discuss with you further!